Sunday, May 11, 2008

2008 IIHF World Championship - Sweden vs. Czech Republic

Tonight I went to the Colisée right after the game between Sweden and the Czech Republic. The only two Czechs I got tonight are Martin Erat and Patrik Elias:

Team Sweden came out a bit after the Czechs, and Nicklas Backstrom signed this card for me (with someone else's black marker):

Team Sweden's bus left soon after, but it was obvious to me that it would come back for a second batch of players, since that's what it had done 3 days ago... Furthermore, Henrik Lundqvist had not come out yet. That's what I tried to explain to the few autograph hounds that were there, but they wouldn't have any of it. They said security had just told them that Mr. Lundqvist had taken a taxi back to his hotel, so they all left. Well sure enough, maybe 10 minutes after everyone else had left, more Swedish players came out of the Colisée and waited in the parking lot for their bus to return. Among those, I got autographs from Niclas Wallin and Henrik Lundqvist. :o)

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