Monday, September 28, 2009

Daniel Alfredsson

As part of a trade with an Ottawa hound, Beth, she got this card signed for me by Daniel Alfredsson on September 25th, after a Senators practice:

I'm very happy to get this card, as Mr. Alfredsson is my 2nd favorite player in the NHL (after Alexander Ovechkin) and he doesn't sign TTM (from my experience, at least)! Thanks Beth! :o)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Boston Bruins vs. Montréal Canadiens Pre-Season Game

Earlier today, a pre-season game was held at the Colisée in Québec between the Boston Bruins and the Montréal Canadiens. The day started with a Canadiens practice which was open to the public. It was scheduled to run from 11 AM to 1 PM, so I got there shortly after 9 AM, hoping to catch the Habs as they arrived to the Colisée. They only arrived around 10:35 and their bus parked inside the Colisée, so they didn't sign for anyone. I stayed for the practice, then went back outside after the practice, hoping some players would take a few minutes to come out and sign a few autographs, but once again, they got on their bus which was parked inside the building, then left without signing for anyone. Apparently, security said to someone that the players might take some time to sign a few autographs when they got back to the arena around 4 PM. I came back around 4 PM and was there when the Canadiens got back to the Colisée, but once again, their bus parked inside the building and they didn't sign any autographs. The Bruins arrived soon after though and they parked outside. Unfortunately, most of the people who were there waiting for autographs didn't see them in time, as they parked on the West side of the building, instead of the players' usual entrance on the North side. Still, when some kid alerted us that the Bruins were getting off their bus on the side of the building, I managed to get there on time to catch Mark Recchi as he was about to enter the Colisée and I got him to sign this card:

Later, during the 1st intermission of the game, I went near the entrance to the press gallery and got Doug Houda to sign this card before he was gonna get back on the press gallery for the 2nd period:

After the game, I went back to try and get autographs from both teams as they were leaving the Colisée, but once again, the Canadiens' bus was parked inside, so even though we could see the players through the window of the garage door, only one player from the Habs opened the garage door and came outside to sign a few autographs: Guillaume Latendresse:

On the other end, the Bruins' bus was parked outside, so each player had to walk out of the Colisée to get on the bus. Here's who I was able to get autographs from: