Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sylvain Blouin IP (kinda)

My sister gets to see Sylvain Blouin every once in a while for her work (she's a sales representative), so she offered to get stuff signed for me if I had any. I only had one card of him, but I took her up on her offer and today she got this card signed by Mr. Blouin:

If anyone's interested in trying to get his autograph through the mail, Mr. Blouin works for Autos P.J.S. inc. which is located in Québec, QC.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Henri Richard & Réjean Houle IP

It was announced earlier this week that Henri Richard and Réjean Houle would be signing autographs for the opening of 2 The Brick stores in Québec. Both signings were scheduled to start at 2 PM and end at 4 PM.

I got to the first store (literally 2 minutes from where I live by car) slightly before 2 PM for Henri Richard's signing session. There was already a small line of 15-20 people waiting for Mr. Richard. When he arrived, the line moved quickly and I was able to get my 3 cards signed, in addition to the Molson Export card he provided:

Mr. Richard took a long look at his 2008-09 Montreal Canadiens Centennial card and he asked me if it was new, as he had never seen it. I explained to him that the set had been released less than a week ago...

Immediately after getting my cards signed by Mr. Richard, I headed to the other The Brick store, which was a 10-15 minutes ride. When I got there, Réjean Houle was alone at his table chatting with a security guy. He signed these 3 cards for me, in addition to the big Molson Export thingie he provided:

Mr. Houle was also seeing his base card from the 2008-09 Montreal Canadiens Centennial set for the first time. I asked him why he was wearing number 14 on that card instead of 15, and he told me he wore number 14 as a rookie. That's why he added "14" below his signature...