Friday, September 20, 2013

Montréal Canadiens vs. Carolina Hurricanes Preseason Game

Earlier tonight, a preseason game between the Montréal Canadiens and the Carolina Hurricanes was played at the Colisée Pepsi in Québec. I went to the game with a few cards of players of both teams, not expecting much. At the beginning of the game, I noticed a few players sitting together up in the balconies. I went up there (it was accessible to the public, although nobody sat there for the game - the game wasn't sold out) just before the 2nd intermission and found out that the players hanging out up there were all Carolina players (those who weren't playing tonight, obviously). Unfortunately, I hadn't done my homework and couldn't recognize most of them (always do your homework, kids!). One I did recognize was Jordan Staal, who signed my 2 cards:

Also up in the balconies, but in another section of the Colisée, Ron Francis stood alone as the 3rd period was about to begin. With the help of Justine, a hounding colleague, I was able to get 2 cards signed by him:

After the game, I waited outside the arena for the players from both teams to come out. Save for Brandon Prust, none of the Canadiens players came out and signed, as their team bus was parked in the garage inside the arena. As for the Hurricanes, they had to come out of the arena to get on their team bus. There was almost no security there, which should have helped, but most of the players went straight to the bus without stopping for anyone. One player who was generous of his time and signed for a few minutes was Eric Staal, who signed this card for me:

That wrapped up the night for me!