Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Éric Gagné IP

The Quebec Capitales were playing against the Brockton Rox tonight and Eric Gagne was pitching for the Capitales, so I waited for him after the game. Members of his family were also waiting for him, so I stayed around them to make sure I wouldn't miss him. When he came out of the stadium, he signed autographs for the few people that were there and he signed this card for me:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Éric Gagné IP

Tonight I went to see the Quebec Capitales play against the New Hampshire American Defenders at Quebec City's Stade municipal. I brought some cards of Eric Gagne as I knew he was scheduled to be the Capitales' starting pitcher. I had brought them when I went to another Capitales game last weekend, but Eric Gagne had been ejected during the 4th inning for arguing a call made by a referee, so I hadn't bothered waiting for him at the end of the game, not even knowing if he would still be around. So tonight, I arrived early to catch him coming out during batting practice, but it turned out most of the team didn't even practice on the field before the game, as the other team hadn't arrived yet and nobody knew when they would arrive. A player for the Capitales told a kid next to me that Eric Gagne never signs anything before the games for which he's scheduled to pitch though. I then decided I was gonna wait for him after the game instead. The game was delayed an hour, but it eventually started. Unfortunately, after 5 innings, the game was rained out. I waited around in the stands for a good half hour for the rain to ease up, but before finally leaving for my car, I decided to go and take a look in the Capitales' dugout to see if there were any players left, and there were Eric Gagne and another player still waiting for the game to be officially rained out. I asked him if he wouldn't mind signing my cards and he did. I slipped him the cards carefully under the roof of the dugout to ensure that they wouldn't get wet and the autographs turned out awesome!

Connie Dion TTM

Connie Dion c/o home - 22 days - 3/1

In addition to the custom index card I had sent, Mr. Dion also signed 2 blank index cards!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Québec Remparts Training Camp

This afternoon I went to the Québec Remparts training camp in Val-Bélair, just north of Québec City. Here's what I was able to get signed at the end of the afternoon: