Monday, May 05, 2008

2008 IIHF World Championship - Sweden vs. France

Once again today, I went to the Colisée after the game between Sweden and France. I got Mats Naslund, Alexander Edler and Mikael Tellqvist as they were coming out of the Colisée:

Team France was the last team to come out, but for some reason, Cristobal Huet was not coming out even though the rest of the players were already in the bus... I looked inside the building through the glass and saw him inside, near the entrance, chatting with friends. I then went inside the Colisée through that entrance, saw him and got him to autograph this card in gold (it looks better in person than on the scan):

My getting him inside the building ended up being a good move, as after he had finished his conversation, he came out of the Colisée through the usual garage door, only he was running to the bus, so he didn't sign for anyone waiting outside. By then the bus really was waiting for him though...

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