Tuesday, May 06, 2008

2008 IIHF World Championship - Czech Republic vs. Italy

Tonight I was able to get six cards autographed after the game between the Czech Republic and Italy. Here they are:

Tomas Plekanec was one of the first to come out (because I don't think he played today), but he came out so early that when I realized it was him, it was already too late, he was already gone...

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phillysportsfan88 said...

I'm really enjoying reading and seeing your success. I really liked the Tretiak 8x10 and thought the 3 Lundqvist cards were real nice as well. I wish you would have had something better for Borje Salming as he is one of my favorite old timers. I kind of disagree with you on the Backstrom puck I think it is a pretty nice scribble. The Martin St. Louis puck is as high a quality as my Steiner that I paid a pretty penny for, I think around $100. I was wondering if there was any chance you would trade or sell the milan Hnilicka Czech card? I can appreciate the sentimental value you have to all your in person autographs. I'm actually trying to put an autographed set of 91-92 upper deck czech together. In my opnion it is an undervalued set. Honestly I'm not really in it for the money as i'm sure you can appreciate the fun is in the chase not the $$$. I would certainly make it worth your while. Thanks for your time and consideration. Mark