Saturday, May 10, 2008

2008 IIHF World Championship - Czech Republic vs. Belarus and more...

Today I got to the Colisée just in time to watch the end of the game between the Czech Republic and Belarus at the FanFest. While there, I saw Jonas Hiller was today's autograph guest, so I had him sign the only card I had of him:

I then went to the back of the Colisée to wait for the players to come out. A group of Russian players were in the restricted access parking lot playing soccer, like they do before every game. Unfortunately, none of them would sign before games, so it was really no use trying! Vladislav Tretiak also came out though, so I asked him for an autograph and he signed this card:

Mr. Tretiak has been really nice to everyone that has asked him for an autograph so far!

When players from the Czech Republic and Belarus began trickling out, most Czech players once again said they didn't have time to sign because the bus was waiting for them. Tomas Kaberle signed though. Here's what I got signed by Mr. Kaberle and by the Belarusians:

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go for autographs after the game between Russia and Sweden... :o\

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