Thursday, May 08, 2008

2008 IIHF World Championship - Sweden vs. Denmark and Switzerland vs. Czech Republic

Today's afternoon game, which featured Sweden playing against Denmark, was scheduled later than usual, in the middle of the afternoon. Therefore, I was able to get to the Colisée right after work, because I really wanted to get Henrik Lundqvist's autograph. Indeed, he was playing his first game with Team Sweden today.

I made it to the Colisée pretty much as Team Sweden was coming out. Players kept coming out, but there was no sign of Henrik Lundqvist! Finally, Team Sweden's bus left without Mr. Lundqvist! I decided to wait there anyways and lo and behold, more Swedish players eventually came out of the Colisée and waited for their bus to come back! Still, Henrik Lundqvist was the last one to come out, but by that time there was only me and some other guy left, so he signed for both of us before getting on the bus, which had returned. Here's the card I got signed:

I went back to the Colisée after the Switzerland vs. Czech Republic game, but I didn't do very well, as most Czech players said they didn't have time to sign because the bus was waiting for them... Only Patrik Elias signed for me:

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