Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Québec Remparts Autograph Session

Earlier tonight, Remparts season ticket holders and members of their fan club could skate on the ice of the Colisée Pepsi for free. That skating session was followed by an autograph session by the whole team. You had to wait in line for each player. Obviously, some lines were longer than others: Patrick Roy's (duh!), Dmitry Kugryshev's, Mikhail Stefanovich's, Kelsey Tessier's and Charles Lavigne's come to mind. The players didn't sign long enough for me to get everyone's autograph, so I had to make choices, but overall I'm pretty happy with the quantity and quality of autographs that I got! Every player had their own 3½" X 5" team-issued cards they were signing and handing out, but I also got cards from my team set as well as other cards signed. Here are the highlights:

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