Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament - My 1st Outing

The Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament is held in Quebec City every year at the Colisée, about 10 minutes from where I live.

When I arrived at the Colisée, I waited for the game between St. Louis Blues and the Montréal Junior to end because I wanted to get Al MacInnis' autograph. He's here as the coach of the St. Louis Blues Pee-Wee team, for which his son Ryan plays. After the game, I caught him as he was about to leave the building and got these 2 cards autographed very nicely by him:

After that, I waited at the players entrance of the Colisée in case Martin Brodeur would show up for his son Jeremy's game, who's goaltending for the Pee-Wee team that represents the New Jersey Devils. I figured there was a chance Mr. Brodeur would show up, since he was injured, but I later found out that he had resumed regular training with his team, so he wasn't able to attend the tournament today. While I was waiting for him, Pierre Turgeon and his Colorado Thunderbirds entered the building, but I didn't want to go after him because I didn't want to risk missing Martin Brodeur. I also figured that I'd probably be able to locate Mr. Turgeon and his team sitting somewhere in the Colisée later. I did try that later on, but to no avail, as the Colisée was jam-packed and I just couldn't find him and his team...

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