Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament - My 3rd Outing

Today I arrived at the Colisée early to get Joé Juneau's autograph, since he's here as the coach of the Nunavik Nordiks. It took a while for him to come out of the locker rooms after the game, but he eventually did. Mr. Juneau only signed these 2 cause his players and some of their parents were waiting for him inside the Colisée.

Soon after, I caught Doug Brown as he was entering the Colisée. He was here as the coach of the powerful Detroit Belle Tire team. He took the time to sign the 2 cards that I had:

I was really surprised when I saw Mr. Brown rubbing the 2 cards before signing them to ensure that his signature would stick on those usually glossy cards! I didn't bother telling him that I had already removed the gloss on the cards with a white eraser...

I then waited for the Blainville Bastions to finish playing, as their coach is ex-NHLer Patrick Poulin. He signed these 2 cards for me when he and his team left the building:

Soon after, a bus arrived at the Colisée and it turned out to be the Penguins, who were arriving an hour and a half before their game. I got Mario Lemieux to sign this card in silver:

After getting Mr. Lemieux's autograph, I went and took a walk inside the Colisée and stumbled upon Brian Bradley, who's here as the coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning. He signed all 4 cards I had very nicely, adding the appropriate jersey number to each autograph:

I then headed back to the players' entrance where I was able to get another autograph from Al MacInnis to end my day of hounding beautifully! :o)

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