Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament - Final Day

Today I went to the Colisée to watch some games and see who would win the Tournament. I wasn't planning on hounding since I was going with my girlfriend, but I still brought cards with me, just in case I'd come across an ex-NHLer... :o)

As my girlfriend and I were watching the Inter B finals between the Colorado Avalanche and the Hershey Bears, I noticed someone resembling Pierre Turgeon sitting a few sections from ours. When there were only a few minutes left to the game, I headed to that section and sure enough, it was Pierre Turgeon, who I had missed during my 1st outing of the tournament! I went to his seat when the game ended, asked him if he would sign a few cards for me and I got these signed:

I also offered 2 extra cards so that he could give them to whoever else would request his autograph that day. He thanked me, signed them and gave them to the guy who was sitting with him, who appeared to be an assistant-coach for the Colorado Thunderbirds.

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