Sunday, February 14, 2010

51st Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament - My 2nd Outing

Today I got to the Colisée rather early to catch Mark Messier before the New York Rangers' game. As usual, he was here as the assistant coach of the team. As he walked into the building, I got him to sign this puck:

After that, I knew I had plenty of time to get to the Galeries de la Capitale, a shopping center about 10-15 minutes away from the Colisée, to be around before the New York Islanders played an exhibition game at 10:10. When I got there, they were still in their dressing room, but their coaches were hanging out near the rink, so I was able to get all these cards autographed by Bryan Trottier and Benoit Hogue!

Afterwards, I drove back to the Colisée to try and catch Mario Lemieux as he arrived to the arena for the Pittsburgh Penguins' game at 12:40, but I soon found out from his brother Alain that Mario wouldn't be accompanying the team this year... :o( I then went and sat in the arena to watch some hockey. That's when I saw Dave Babych sitting alone and watching some games too. He was here to see his son play for the North Shore Winter Club team. I went up to where he was, sat beside him and asked him if he would sign my cards. He was surprised that anyone knew he was here (although there was an article about him being around in a local newspaper) and said he'd be happy to sign my cards:

A bit later, I went back to the Galeries de la Capitale right after the Atlanta Fire's exhibition game, since Dan Bouchard was their assistant coach and Scott Pearson was their coach. Both were nice enough to autograph my cards:

That Sharpie mark on the left of the 2nd Scott Pearson card is the continuity of Dan Bouchard's autograph, since he was holding the Scott Pearson card right under his when he signed it... :o)

After that, I had one stop left to my busy day. I had to go to the Arpidrome, an arena where teams who had lost a game at the Colisée were relegated. I got there during the Blainville Bastions 2's game and sat in the arena. That's where I noticed Éric Desjardins sitting a few rows higher. He was there to see his son play. I went up to him at the intermission and had him sign these 3 cards:

I then waited for the game to end to get the team's coach's autograph: Stéphane Matteau!

That's how my day of hounding ended, with a respectable total of 20 new autographs!

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