Saturday, April 26, 2008

2008 IIHF World Championship - Canada vs. Finland

Tonight I went to an exhibition game between Canada and Finland. Right before the game, I met Jari Kurri in the corridor. He was there as the GM of Team Finland. I got him to sign these 2 cards:

During the 1st intermission, a friend and I went to the section leading to the press gallery and saw Mathieu Garon hanging there. He wasn't dressed, but he was there as the 3rd goalie for Team Canada. He signed this card for me:

During the 2nd intermission, we went back to the section leading to the press gallery and saw Steve Yzerman about to go up on the press gallery. I asked him for an autograph and he agreed to sign both of my cards:

Right after the game, my friend and I went back to the same place hoping to catch Luc Robitaille and Steve Yzerman, cause my friend still hadn't got Mr. Robitaille's autograph. We did catch them both as they were coming off from the press gallery! While my friend was getting a card signed by Luc Robitaille, who was very friendly once again, I asked Steve Yzerman if he wouldn't mind autographing my Red Wings puck. He didn't look very friendly though. He didn't say a word, but he signed my puck!

I was happy to see that my silver Sharpie worked well this time! I really didn't expect to get 3 autographs from Mr. Yzerman in the same night, as I had heard he was a tough signer in person... After we got Luc Robitaille and Steve Yzerman, we went to the back of the Colisée to wait for the players to come out. Fortunately, the barrier configuration had changed and the barriers were now right next to the garage door where the players were coming out! We did really well! All the players stopped to sign! Here's everything I got:

Finally, I also got a Chicago Blackhawks puck signed by Jonathan Toews, but once again, my silver Sharpie acted up and the autograph is barely visible. I'll probably just remove the ink with lighter fluid and try my luck some other time before the end of the tournament...

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