Saturday, March 01, 2008

Angelo Esposito & Patrick Roy IP

Today my friend and I decided to wait at the players' exit after the Remparts game to get autographs from Angelo Esposito (2 cards for me) and Patrick Roy (1 card for me and 2 cards for my friend). When Angelo came out of the dressing room he signed these for me:

I sure wish Angelo had signed only HIS half of his card with Guy Lafleur! :o\ I might get another copy autographed by Mr. Lafleur though. That way I could then try to get the other half autographed by Angelo once again...

About 45 minutes after the Remparts players had all come out, Patrick Roy finally came out and I had him sign this card:

He also signed the 2 cards my friend had brought, as well as 8-10 cards for another guy! He also took pictures with some girls who requested it, even though he seemed to be in a hurry. That man is a class act all the way!

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