Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kerry Fraser, Michel Bergeron and Alain Côté IP

Earlier today, I went to my local Réno-Dépôt store, where there was a reunion of sorts of the 3 main characters involved in a controversial play/call that occurred during a 1987 playoff game between the Québec Nordiques and Montréal Canadiens, in which then NHL referee Kerry Fraser disallowed a good goal scored by the Nordiques' Alain Côté. At the time, the Nordiques were coached by Michel Bergeron. That play has been the subject of several heated discussions between Nordiques and Canadiens fans throughout the years and the Québec fans always made sure to remind Kerry Fraser that they remembered the call he made that night every time he would referee a game in Québec from then on. Anyway, the renovation of a local store was the reason for the promotional stunt which brought Kerry Fraser, Michel Bergeron and Alain Côté together for an autograph signing session. All three were in a good mood and seemed to enjoy themselves! :o) Here's what I got signed:

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Sal said...

Those three cards from the store are very cool. What a great ideas for a promotion.