Sunday, February 17, 2013

54th Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament - My 2nd Outing

This morning I started by going to the Galeries de la Capitale for the Atlanta Fire's exhibition game. Like last year, one of Tom Glavine's sons plays for the Fire. Mr. Glavine signed these for me before the game:

I then set off for the Colisée Pepsi. Just as I arrived, I noticed the Buffalo Sabres' coaches chatting together in the concourse. One of them, ex-NHLer Rory Fitzpatrick, signed the one card I had of him:

Mr. Fitzpatrick's friends made sure to make fun of him for the mullet he sported on that card. :o)

A few moments later, after the Nashville Predators' game, I was able to get J.P. Dumont's autograph on 2 cards as he was leaving:

The next team I looked for was the Chicago Mission, coached by former NHLers Martin Lapointe and Michal Pivonka. I had also heard of Denis Savard's godson playing for team, so I brought 2 of his cards with me, just in case, but I had no great expectations about his coming to the tournament. I spotted Martin Lapointe as he was half-watching a game. He signed these 2 cards:

I looked for Michal Pivonka and Denis Savard, but didn't see either one of them... until I was about to leave for lunch and came upon Denis Savard in the concourse, who was wearing a Chicago Mission jacket! He signed the 2 cards I had brought:

Later today, after lunch, I went back to the Galeries de la Capitale, where I was able to catch Michael Peca watching his son's exhibition game. His son plays for the Buffalo Sabres. Mr. Peca signed all these for me during an intermission:

I know, I had way too many, but he said he didn't mind signing them all...

I ended the day by heading to the Colisée Pepsi once more. When I got there, the Colorado Thunderbirds were almost done playing their game, so after the game, I finally met Adam Foote and he signed my 2 cards:

When Joe Sakic came out of the stairs leading to the Colisée's concourse, he was immediately surrounded by people who wanted his autograph or a picture with him. As he didn't seem to mind signing everything in sight, I was able to get his autograph on one more card:

Once again, Joe Sakic was very generous of his time, signing for pretty much everyone when he could have just as easily avoided the crowd!

The next autograph I got was Sylvain Côté's, who's here coaching Team Maryland:

Finally, I looked for Mike Richter before the New York Rangers' game (he's one of their coaches) but I couldn't find him. I watched the game from the stands and I could see him behind the Rangers' bench, but I couldn't wait for him after the game, I had to leave early. I sat next to the corridor that led the team from the ice to the locker rooms and I asked Mr. Richter for an autograph from there, as he was leaving the ice. He signed this card for me:

He wouldn't sign more than one though... That's too bad, since he was the player whose autograph I wanted the most, the Rangers being my second favourite NHL team. I'm still very happy that I got him to sign his nicest rookie card (as far as I'm concerned)!

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