Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pro-Am Gagné Bergeron IP

This year the Pro-Am Simon Gagné became the Pro-Am Gagné Bergeron as Simon Gagné and Patrice Bergeron joined forces to benefit both Leucan and Le Pignon bleu. Today was the second time I went to this annual event. Click here to see how I did the first time around.

Like last year, there was a tailgate party before the game where the players signed autographs at tables. You had to choose one of two lines. Here's whose autographs I got waiting in the first line:

I didn't bother asking everyone to use my blue Lumocolor marker so as to keep the line moving faster... After getting those autographs, I would have had to line up again to get the other half of the players' autographs, but the autograph session was now nearing its end and there were hundreds of people in line! Fortunately, some of the players I was missing were dispatched in the crowd to sign for those who wouldn't have had the time to get to their table in time. That's how I got Steve Bernier and David Desharnais to sign these 2 cards for me:

Stéphane Veilleux was also there offering his autograph to whoever needed it, but I had nothing for him to sign, as I didn't expect him to be there today (he was there as a last minute replacement to Francis Bouillon). He still chatted a bit with my friend and I before moving on.

Soon after that, I was able to get these 4 cards signed by Marc-Édouard Vlasic right after he got done being interviewed by a local radio station:

I then went near the table I had missed. Even though there were still many people waiting in line (mostly for Patrice Bergeron), some players had begun leaving the tables to slowly head towards the arena's entrance. They were still signing autographs to whoever asked though, so that's how I was able to get these cards signed by Marc-André Bergeron, Jason Demers, Bruno Gervais and Antoine Vermette (I had limited myself to 2 cards when I went to his table earlier).

After the game, my friend and I waited outside the arena for Patrice Bergeron who was the only player whose autograph we hadn't got, but we never did see him come out. We did see Simon Gagné coming back from his car though, so I got this last card signed after taking a picture of my friend and him:

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