Sunday, October 03, 2010

Andre Ethier IP

When I went to my first Dodgers game ever earlier today during a trip to California with my girlfriend, I didn't expect to do any autograph hounding there. When I noticed some people getting autographs from the Dodgers near their dugout before the game though, I decided to buy a Rawlings Official Major League Baseball at the souvenir stand and I went down there to see if I could get my favorite player, Andre Ethier, to sign my baseball. After doing some stretching on the field, he signed for a few minutes for the fans who were there and I was able to get my baseball signed (by borrowing someone's pen)!

I wish he had signed it on the sweet spot, but I guess he thought I wanted to get it signed by the whole team... I'm still extremely happy I got his signature, which was totally unexpected! Here's a picture I snapped of him signing more stuff after he had signed my ball:

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