Friday, June 05, 2009

Marc Tardif IP (kinda)

Similarly to the autographed card I got from Sylvain Blouin a few months ago, another member of my family was able to get some cards signed for me. This time, it was my dad who offered to get me some cards signed by Marc Tardif, because he had work to do at Mr. Tardif's condo (my dad's an electrician). Mr. Tardif nicely agreed to sign the 3 cards I had provided my dad with:

Apparently, Mr. Tardif thought he looked so young on the 1971-72 card that he asked his girlfriend to come and take a look at it! :o) If anyone's interested in trying to get his autograph through the mail, Mr. Tardif owns the Toyota Charlesbourg car dealership, which is located in Québec, QC.

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