Sunday, December 07, 2008

Québec Nordiques Alumni vs. Montréal Canadiens Alumni IP

Earlier today took place a game between the Québec Nordiques Alumni and the Montréal Canadiens Alumni at the Colisée, in Québec, QC. A friend and I waited for the players to come out after the game to get autographs, but we missed several players who either didn't come out through the usual exit or directly got on their bus, which was parked inside the arena. Still, here are the cards I managed to get autographed:

On the other hand, I missed these guys: Yvan Cournoyer, Vincent Damphousse, Stéphane Richer, Yvon Lambert, Donald Audette, Stéphane Quintal, Steven Finn, André "Moose" Dupont, Richard Sévigny and others... I'm still happy with who I got overall, though! :o)

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Sal said...

Nice haul! Richer and Damphousse both sign TTM.