Sunday, February 17, 2008

Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament - My 2nd Day

Today I arrived at the Colisée shortly before noon. The New York Islanders were scheduled to play this morning, but I had already gotten Pat LaFontaine and Benoit Hogue's autographs yesterday, so even though I still had 2 cards for Pat LaFontaine, I only brought them in case I would come across him in the corridor. As it turned out, the New York Islanders (including the coaches) were coming up from their locker room as I was arriving! Pat Lafontaine signed everything for the 3-4 people waiting for him and took pictures with them, so I also got him to sign my 2 cards:

Next I stayed at the entrance where the teams arrived and waited for Martin Brodeur, as I had heard he might come and watch his son play for the Nashville Predators (Mr. Brodeur played in Ottawa yesterday and his next game is only tomorrow night).

While I was waiting there, I saw Joé Juneau, who was at the Tournament as the coach of the Kuujjuaq team. He signed these 3 cards for me:

Finally, I heard Mr. Brodeur would not be coming to the Colisée today...

After watching a couple of games, I went back to the players' entrance to wait for Mark Messier's arrival. Once again this year, he was here coaching the New York Rangers with his father. He showed up with his team a little over an hour before his team was scheduled to take the ice. He seemed in a good mood and signed the 3 cards I handed him!

I then went home soon after that, so that's all I got signed today!

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